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Rosin From Exotic Flower in Small Craft Batches View the Store Wight Rabbit Extracts of Oklahoma produces Top Shelf Solventless Rosin. We use our Bruteless Commercial Hash Washing System and the Pure Pressure Longs Peak Rosin Press to make excellent solventless extracts.

We Sell Exotic Clones

High Quality Top Producing Strains

Our strains are hand picked by us.  Each are strains that fitr our flavor profile and are good for extraction.  We sell various ages of clones.  Check our strain list to see what we have in stock currently. 

Our Process

We use state of the art equipment such and the Pure Pressure Pikes Peak V2  and our Bruteless series hash washing vessels, which take the quality and efficiency of our bubble hash washing to new levels.  We can produce various forms of rosin such as Hash Rosin Badder, Rosin diamonds/sauce, ice hash and more.

We need fresh frozen buds or freshly cured ( 2-3 week old max) buds for best results.  We are looking for growers to partner with and can guide you through the process from start to finish.  We offer consulting during harvest , we can pick up  your freshly harvested material, we test, fully package & label allowing for quick sale to dispensaries. We offer a very competitive 60/40 split for our 3rd party processing partners.

Introducing Our Secret Weapon

Exotic Terps & Unique Strains

Being connoisseurs and strain hunters ourselves, we wanted to bring the magic of the strains we love to the patients of Oklahoma.  We are processing our own strains and other growers strains that we know will produce great extracts. 

With a mix of amazing strains from such greats as Oni Seed Company, Humboldt Seed Company, Crockett Farms, DJ Short and more, we are loaded with all the tasty and medicinal strains that make excellent tasting extracts that produce the effects consistent with full spectrum concentrates.

Packaged & Labeled

in glass ebottles

12+ Shops

Around Oklahoma & Growing

High Quality

Using state of the art equipment

Fast Turnaround

Processed in 10 days or less