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Strains bred for high yield extraction

Fire in = Fire out

Only the best for hash

Good hash rosin starts with tasty, terpy strains. No hotdog water terps here – only high terpene strains will do. Flavor over everything as Umami likes to say and it holds especially true for hash rosin. Folks love to dab on strains that are named for food or things that taste yummy like fruits, candy, cookies, cakes and more! We have them!

High Yield Strains

Accurately estimate returns with verified strains

A profitable extraction starts with insuring that the flower is a high yield strain in the wash. There are known breeders that have put in the work for years and have created what are now known as some of the best strains to run for hash. Oni, Bloom, Relentless, Archive, Crockett and more have created fantastic, high yield, high terp strains and WE HAVE THEM.

Large Market Share

High demand = quick turnaround

Desirability for hash has grown exponentially, and so has the desire for that hash to be a tasty banger. A strain with a loud nose and sweet taste like Tally Mon or Honey Banana Muffins outsells subtle flavors like Ice Cream Cake or Wedding Mints 10/1. Why grow anything else but the loudest, tastiest bangers? The consumer has spoken – they want FLAVOR! Our strains all have large market share due to the high desirability for that terp.

Clone list - verified hash strains

Tropicanna Cookies Mtn Cut

Sativa dom Hybrid

Created by Harry Palms of Bloom and taken over by Oni. A cross of Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut. Mtn cut has a Snickerdoodle with Orange infusion flavor, loud citrus nose and washes for 3.8 %. 3rd place winner in Solventless in the High Times 2021 Oklahoma Cannabis Cup.

Tropicanna Punch Bx1


Bred by Oni, this is a cross of Tropicanna Punch (Tropicanna Cookies x Purple Punch) with Tropicanna Cookies backcrossed to it. This is the Blue Razz or Blue Sports drink pheno with a very sweet, fruity smell and flavor. Washes for 4% and produces very tasty rosin.

Cherry Lime Soda


Bred by Umami, this tasty exotic is a cross of two very hard strains to find, Key Limeade x Cherry Flambe. The nose and dab is similar to the Cherry Lime drink from Minute Maid. Washes for 4%.

Honey Bunny


Bred by Oni Seed Co, Honey Bunny is a blend of two legendary strains, Honey Banana x Tropicanna Cookies F1. Super terpy, tasty for hash rosin, she has a TC look and a HB nose and his highly desirable in concentrate. Washes for 4%.



Bred by Oni, Stuntz is a cross of Strawberry Runtz x Papaya. Loud strawberry cough syrup nose, sweet dabs and super frosty flower. Washes for 4%.

Tropicana Cherry F2


Tropicana Cherry F2 is from Relentless and is a cross of Tropicana Cherry x Tropicana Cherry. This cut is the washer cut and has a cherry dominant nose with just a slight hint of the trop cookie and is both high yield in flower and hash. Washes for 4+%.

Strawnana Juice Bx


This new strain from Crockett Family Farms is the new hash star from this cannabis breeder. She’s a cross of Strawberry Banana x Juice (Tangie x Shishkaberry) and washes for 4.5% with sweet and funky strawberry fruity terps.

Banana Honey Muffins


Bred by Relentless Genetics, this ultra tasty strain is a cross of Honey Banana x Banana OG Bx1. Very loud, ultra sweet banana nose and flavor and big, frosty buds. Washes for 4%. We are the only grow in New York with this strain and this cut.

Killer Cupcakes


An Oklahoma strain. She has a vanilla protein shake flavor on the dab with a light, vanilla and gas nose. Super frosty with very dark, almost black, flower. Washes very well at 4.6% and higher than average press-to-rosin ration.

Willy B


Bred by Masonic, this is a cross of his Wilson F3 x Honey Banana (NorCal cut) and has ultra sweet banana candy  terps. Highly desirable by hash connoisseurs. Washes for 5%.

Peach Pie


An amazing cross from Bloom (Harry Palms) with loud, ultra sweet and fruity terps. She’s a cross of Peach OZ x Grape Pie x Wedding Crasher. This strain washes for 4.6 %.

Papaya Flambada


Papaya Flambada is a Rocky Mtn High and Bloom collab. She’s a cross of Papaya and Orange Flambe. Super loud Papaya x skunk nose and funky fruit flavor on the dab, she’s a hash heads fantasy on flavor. Very terpy, high yield on flower but only average in the wash at 3%. She makes highly desired rosin that sells very fast.

Cuts or rooted clones available with 2 weeks notice and reservation. Cuts order minimum is 50. Rooted clones order minimum is 20. Fill out the contact form below with any questions or requests for cuts/clones.


Cuts = $10 per cut
Rooted clones = $18 per clone