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Story About Us

Craft cannabis by a family that loves what they do. Team work makes the dream work

Our team is consists of two people, husband and wife, with a love of cannabis and a dream of one day working in the industry. We started our canna experience in Colorado and trained with Rosin Ryan of Olio and Eric from Simpson Solventless. From there we moved to Oklahoma in year 1 of going legal and created tasty rosin for the patients consistently delivering quality, tasty, medicinal dabs for 4 years. We are very selective about the material we run for third party processing. Fresh frozen flower must be from the highest quality strains bred for hash making – high yield, high terps means fire… Fire in = Fire out. Now we are in New York (Long Island) and are ready to serve the rec market our carefully curated menu of the tastiest strains for hash rosin.

Single Source

Banana Honey Muffins, Tropicana Punch, Rainbow Belts, Tropicanna Cookies, Strawberry Fields, Papaya Flambada, Cherry Lime Soda, Tropicana Cherry and many more!

3rd Party Processing

Let us process your quality fresh frozen flower into the highest desirable, and most profitable, extract on the market, Live Rosin in Cold Cure, Jam and Carts!


Don’t compete with all the flower on the market, let us process it into extracts, package and sell it for 60/40 split or toll process at a $ price per gram.

A 4.5% or higher yield strain generates higher financial return than cured flower at $1800 a lb

Once you take out the cost of cutting, curing, trimming and storing cured flower, at $1800 a sold lb, Live Rosin, extracted from the same high yield fresh frozen flower, is worth more sold as an extract than cured flower. We have high yield hash strains IN-HOUSE and can provide our collab partners with cuts/rooted clones of high yield hash strains with an agreed contract to extract.